With many Avonwick3options available when renovating or upgrading your kitchen, from colours, space, lighting and fixtures, it can get a bit overwhelming. Our best advice is to plan ahead. Think about what it is you want from a new kitchen, keeping in mind what it is that you don’t absolutely love about your current kitchen. If planning on new cabinetry, plan on a new layout- maybe add more base drawer cabinets for extra storage, remove half a wall to create an open concept between the kitchen and living/ dining room or even putting in an island if possible- bar counters are always great for quick meals!

If you’re going to spend money on a renovation, spend wisely and think long term. Invest in products and materials you will enjoy and, if it should happen, potential buyers might enjoy as well.

Small improvements can make the most lasting impression too, if you aren’t looking into a huge makeover. Painting, re-staining cabinets, replacing counters can all look great and add value without breaking the bank.

Here are some of our top tips when improving your kitchen:


A) Stack upper cabinets on unused counter space for extra storage or have a pantry cabinet installed. Drawer and cabinet organizers are not only trendy, but will keep everything neat, tidy, and best yet- you’ll know where everything is!

B) Replace door knobs and handles for an inexpensive, great way to spruce up cabinets.

C) Make sure there is sufficient drawers- this can not be stressed enough. Not only do they keep organized, but they are easily accessible. Quite popular, deep drawers are handy to keep pots, bake ware, containers- basically everything organized and coordinated rather than having to crouch and search in the back of a cabinet with doors.


granite-countertops-1There’s no doubt the best counter top is stone, although can by costly, a great choice for durability and long term use. Laminates/ Arborite is an alternative, but can not withstand hot pots/ heat, and are susceptible to scratches/ knife marks. If you want the advantage of stone, but like the price of laminate counter top, consider using tiles with a custom nosing from our expert carpenters.

THINK ABOUT THE SINK! Choose a sink that is deep enough for your use- big pots and cookie sheets are much easier to hand wash in a 9″ + deep sink, compared to the average 7″ deep sink- BIG difference!



Add a splash of colour and design to your kitchen with a back splash. There are many tile varieties available to fit any homeowner’s taste and budget. Not only do back splashes add visual appeal, they also protect walls from water and cooking splashes.


One of the best features of a kitchen are hidden under cabinet lighting. Great for cutting veggies, reading recipes, to create a dramatic lighting effect, and for when low light is good- like a late night snack.


Keep in mind that when renovating your kitchen you won’t be able to use your kitchen! Plan ahead- use basement kitchen, fire up the barbecue, make sandwiches/ salads, or order in pizza. Renovations can be stressful due to long term decisions, delays, unexpected problems, budget concerns, and especially when you’re not able to use a room that demands constant use. But not to worry- at the end of a well planned renovation, it’s always worth the sacrifice!

We hope you use some of the above tips and if you have any of your own, please comment below. TPM has the experience with kitchen renovation from start to finish- building cabinets, back splash installation, all types of lighting, custom islands, built-ins, wine racks, organizers, and so much more. Give us a call today to discuss your kitchen reno- 289-990-3934!








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