Turtles Property Management

TPM_LOGO-smallTurtles Property Management offers quality residential and commercial renovations along with property management services.

Workmanship is carried out by our trustworthy professional team in a timely manner, and at a competitive rate. Any issues that may arise during the renovation is discussed and approved with the client prior to us moving forward, and there are no hidden fees or surprise costs- we stay true to our word and have many satisfied referrals to validate. Offering free on site quotes, basic floor plans, practical advice, recommendations, design tips, and project flexibility.

In addition to our primary focus of renovations, allow us to manage your property by providing exceptional services with fair and affordable pricing. With many resources at our disposal, we have the capability to find quality tenants, and the appropriate rental income for your property. Owner and tenant issues are attended to quickly and efficiently.

At Turtles Property Management, we appreciate your business and will always work to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the service and value we provide!

Located in Welland, Ontario, we’ve been servicing the greater Niagara region and surround areas for the past five years. Previously based in Toronto, TPM is a family owned and operated business. Please contact us today to discuss your project or to schedule a free onsite quote: 289-990-3934.

“Treating your property as our own.”